The main problem in the society is illiteracy. So our main target to help to poor children to provide good education. Poor child cannot get education due to their parents are force them to earn money. SAMP Charitable Trust will provide stipend, food, Cloths, Books, library facility and other benefits to poor Child to encourage child as well as his parents to get education. It will help to reduce the child labour and reduce the education gap.


SAMP Charitable Trust established for the welfare of needy people. SAMP Charitable Trust is giving support to uplift the poor people through technical education and financial support to earn money by self employment/ own business. Trust also providing coaching for competitive exam to get job in Government department.

Woman Empowerment

Man and Woman is two wheel of the society. If one wheel is not working properly the progress of the society will be stop. Therefore for the development of the society Empowerment of Women is essential. The trust is providing education, technically and financially help to needy women for self employment/own business. The trust is providing awareness of various laws, protection and support against harassments, atrocities etc to women for their empowerment.


Health is the most important part of the society. SAMP Charitable Trust providing awareness to the people for good health and removed them from bad habits like chewing tobacco, pan masala, drugs, smoking etc. The trust is organising seminar, Medical camp, ambulance service and educating the people about the AIDS, HIV,TB,Cancer etc. In the epidemic and emergency situation the trust is arranging medicine, food, shelter, cloths, water, rehabilitation centres etc.


The SAMP Charitable Trust is improving the quality of life of the older persons by providing basic amenities like shelter, food, medical care and entertainment opportunities. The trust is providing economic assistance to widow women living in the society.

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